Agroconsult: The implementation of management by OKR
Agroconsult: The implementation of management by OKR

The implementation of management by OKR, which refers to Objectives and Key Results, originated in Silicon Valley, California, and was popularized by companies such as Intel and Google.

Agroconsult is one of the most relevant consultancy companies specializing in agribusiness in Brazil.

Aiming to maintain its high growth rate, in 2023, Agroconsult sought out V&F’s business strategy team to lead the implementation of management by Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

It is clear that effective management of a consulting company demands innovative strategies to face dynamic challenges and promote sustainable growth.

But what are the main benefits achieved by implementing OKR?

A implantação da gestão por OKR

**Strategic Alignment:

OKR implementation provided a robust framework for aligning the company’s strategic vision with daily goals and activities.

For Agroconsult, where clarity of objectives is crucial, OKR provided an effective means of communicating and monitoring organizational goals at all hierarchical levels.

This created a shared understanding of the company’s direction, ensuring that each team and employee was working towards the same goals.


**Focus on Prioritization:

In a consulting company, time and resource management are vital. The OKR methodology encouraged the definition of clear priorities, identifying the most crucial objectives for Agroconsult’s business success.

By establishing measurable key results and realistic deadlines, teams were able to focus their efforts on the most impactful areas, avoiding wasting energy on less relevant tasks.


**Culture of Transparency and Responsibility:

Transparency is critical to the success of a consulting firm, and OKR promotes an open and accountable environment.

By making the objectives visible to all members of the Agroconsult team, a culture of mutual responsibility was created.

The goals became tangible, and each employee understood how their contributions are aligned with the company’s general objectives.


**Agile Adaptation to Changes:

The consulting environment often faces rapid and unpredictable changes. The flexibility inherent to OKR provided an environment for Agroconsult to quickly adapt to market transformations.

If an initial objective was no longer aligned with strategy, teams could adjust their OKRs quarterly, maintaining the agility needed to overcome emerging challenges.


**Continuous Development and Learning:

The OKR definition, monitoring and evaluation cycle promotes a continuous learning environment.

At Agroconsult, where expertise is crucial, OKRs encouraged regular performance assessment, enabling constant adjustments and improvements to the strategies adopted.


**Innovation and Creativity:

The pursuit of ambitious and measurable goals stimulates innovation and creativity.

With the implementation of OKR management, Agroconsult encouraged its teams to think outside the box, seeking innovative solutions to achieve the desired results.

This environment conducive to innovation is vital in a sector where differentiation and quality of service are crucial.

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