The furniture industry is responsible for manufacturing furniture on a small or large scale. Its production chain ranges from the extraction of raw materials, which includes, in addition to wood, metal and plastic, to its complete transformation into furniture.

Even though wood is the predominant raw material, ecological awareness has been growing, making room for materials from reforestation, such as pine, eucalyptus and even MDF and plywood.

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    One of the main concerns lies in environmental issues in the exploration of the segment. This concern encourages not only the use of sustainable materials from reforestation, but also the reuse of products. As it is an industry where the intensive use of labor in production still predominates, aspects associated with productivity gains and waste reduction must also be prioritized.

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    Valor & Foco has a portfolio of more than 55 projects for the furniture segment, which involve factory projects, valuation, cost modeling and process improvement, up to market and feasibility studies for new operations or commercial access.