The plastic material processing industry is part of the third generation of the petrochemical and plastic chain, being responsible for transforming thermoplastic resin into products for various applications.

The Brazilian plastic processing industry is the 4th sector that employs the most in the country. There are more than 12 thousand companies concentrated, mostly in the South and Southeast of Brazil. It is a producer of commodities, with 70% of companies selling materials such as industrial bags, supermarket bags and bottles in general.

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  • Desafios

    The sector’s main challenges lie in the search for greater productivity to contain operating costs. Reduction of raw material waste, the main cost component of products. And increased environmental sustainability by exploring recycling and reuse solutions for materials.

  • Experiência

    Valor & Foco has a portfolio of more than 200 industries served, built over 20 years of experience in the sector. With projects aimed at increasing the flow and commercialization of products, both in the national and international markets. And also to improve processes and eliminate waste in order to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the industry.