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“Research is seeing what everyone saw and thinking what no one thought” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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Market research is access to precise information that will allow you to define the best strategy to boost your sales.

Market intelligence, built from in-depth marketing research, makes it possible to position products in the most attractive market segments, that is, high growth, significant demand and low incidence of competitors. Marketing research with the target audience as well as competitor analysis makes it possible to adapt solutions to consumer needs, generating arguments that enhance sales conversion.

Using Value Engineering, it is also possible to dissociate the product from its functions, that is, from its purpose for the consumer, generating creative alternatives to deliver a differentiated solution, with lower cost and more value to the target market.

The strategy is based on projections of market scenarios and analysis of economic return.


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research projects, market access and marketing strategies.

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It is important not to give up on market research, whether before offering a new technological solution or in order to analyze the details of the competition. Valor & Foco over the years has carried out more than 400 market studies for companies of different segments and sizes, both in the private and public spheres. We help inform decisions to innovate in the commercial world.