The public sector is a part of the State whose objective is the production, delivery and distribution of goods and services. It differs from the private sector in that it depends, directly or indirectly, on public resources to operate.

In addition to public institutions, the sector also includes public companies under private law that have commercial precepts as fundamental activities. In Brazil, they are further subdivided into: “single-person public company”, with its own equity and exclusive capital from the public sector; or “multi-person public company”, in which companies, local authorities, public foundations, public companies and mixed-capital companies can participate.

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  • Challenges

    Seeking greater efficiency in public administration, making investments and being able to solve problems effectively are challenges faced by public managers across the country. The public administration system has structures limited by rigid legislation, more prominent bureaucracy and rigid solutions, often contrasting with the speed demanded by the consuming public.

  • Experience

    Valor & Foco has a portfolio of more than 40 projects for the public sector, which involve territorial development projects, cooperative formatting, valuation, cost modeling and process improvement, up to market and feasibility studies for new operations.