The agroindustry is the equipped and prepared physical environment where a set of activities related to the transformation of primary raw materials from agriculture, livestock, aquaculture or forestry, without by-products

It is possible to segment the agroindustry into 2 subsectors: food and non-food. Food is characterized by the purpose of feeding people. Non-food concerns the transformation or reuse of products for other functions, such as clothing, leather, shoes and energy production — such as biodiesel and ethanol.

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    It differs from other sectors of the economy due to 3 aspects associated with its raw material: seasonality, perishability and heterogeneity. Due to this characteristic, there are several challenges. From the constant search for harmony between productivity and environmental aspects to maintaining resources. Even the search for greater professionalization in management, since family businesses prevail, often far from large urban centers, making access to technology and innovation difficult.

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    Valor & Foco has a portfolio of more than 120 projects for the agribusiness segment, which involve factory projects, valuation, cost modeling and process improvement, up to market and feasibility studies for new operations, internationalization or commercial access.