The capital goods industry develops items that are used in the production of other products. Companies in the industry manufacture and sell machinery, equipment, and supplies that are used to produce other goods, which will be sold to consumers.

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  • Desafios

    The quest to increase quality and modernize manufacturing parks are some of the challenges attributed to the capital goods industry. The search for innovation, in addition to cost reduction actions to increase competitiveness before international players, has been a focus of concern in recent years. And everything leads us to believe that they will continue to direct development and improvement actions in the sector for the coming years.

  • Experiência

    Valor & Foco has a portfolio of more than 200 capital goods industries served, built over 20 years of experience in the sector. With projects aimed at optimizing processes and reducing costs to increase the competitiveness of the industry. In addition to increasing the flow and commercialization of products, both in the national and international markets.