The health sector is defined as a set of activities with the purpose of promoting the health of individuals or groups of the population. In Brazil, such activities are segmented into public and supplementary. Public health is structured within the SUS – Unified Health System, and supplementary health is private health, which includes health plans. The health chain also includes the production of medicines, pharmaceuticals, support services and medical supplies.


The sector’s main challenge is sustainability due to the lack of professionalization in management, in addition to increasing costs resulting from increases in inputs, inefficiency in teams, waste of materials, scrapping of fixed assets, investment in data security, among others. Organizations in the support sector, such as pharmaceuticals, face challenges associated with innovation, approval of new products, opening of markets and increasing competition from international enterprises.


Valor & Foco has a portfolio of more than 90 projects linked to the healthcare sector, which involve factory projects, valuation, cost modeling and process improvement, up to market and feasibility studies for new operations, internationalization or commercial access.