Hospital Santo Antônio: Feasibility study
Hospital Santo Antônio: Feasibility study

In 2023, the City Hall of Aripuanã/MT sought to outsource the management of the Santo Antônio Municipal Hospital. To this end, it commissioned a feasibility study for medium and high complexity procedures for the hospital, with the aim of analyzing the associated risks.

The team of experts at V&F Saúde developed the study with the aim of promoting quality, productivity, excellence in care and adequate use of the hospital’s financial, human and material resources.

The technical and economic feasibility study is crucial to assess the viability of new projects, including the outsourcing of hospitals. In the context of Hospital Santo Antônio, this study played a fundamental role for several reasons:


1. Investment Assessment: The technical and economic study made it possible to assess whether the proposed investment is viable from both a technical and economic point of view. This included analyzing costs and benefits associated with the project.

2.Limited Financial Resources: Hospitals often operate in challenging financial environments, with limited financial resources. The study helped to ensure that resources were allocated in the most efficient way possible, avoiding waste and maximizing return on investment.

3.Cost Analysis: The costs associated with maintaining and operating the hospital are substantial. The feasibility study helped to identify and analyze these costs in detail, including equipment, personnel, maintenance and other costs.

4.Risk Identification: The study helped to identify potential technical and economic risks associated with the project. This allowed hospital administration to develop strategies to mitigate these risks.

5.Impact on Quality of Care: Outsourcing a hospital can have a direct impact on the quality of care provided to patients. The feasibility study assessed how the project would affect the hospital’s ability to meet the needs of the community, helping to  improve healthcare services and maintain quality standards.

6.Financial Sustainability: The study was carried out so that the hospital would be financially sustainable in the long term. This included projecting revenues and expenses over time, taking into account factors such as demographic changes, technological advances and government regulations.

7.Decision-Making Support: Our experts provided solid information to support senior management and decision-makers. This data was essential to decide on the continuity of the management outsourcing process.

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